What a waste. I was actually quite liking the movie at first, till I started to see and realize that it was going absolutely nowhere with its story!

Think it's impossible for a time travel movie to be a boring one? Wait until you see this one! To be honest, I was already starting to worry once I saw its running time. 122 minutes seems an awful lot for a movie that's aimed at teenagers and indeed, the movie feels overlong and I was already starting to feel fed up with it 45 minutes in.

It's all really because the movie is never doing anything interesting with its story and concept. I would have been OK with a more formulaic movie, since the movie itself really isn't a bad looking one and made one but the problem is that it's lacking too many of the familiar and formulaic genre ingredients, you would expect from a movie of this sort and it offers nothing else in return to replace any of the more formulaic movie ingredients.

There isn't a good main villain, a good or fun adventurous main plot line, in which our heroes need to find a certain item or resolve a certain issue and save the world from destruction, or anything else along those lines. There just isn't ever a big- or interesting conflict in this movie and I seriously can't imaging that any teenager would enjoy watching this movie. Even I as an adult, who have watched plenty of 3 hours+ movies without any action or other excitement in it, was really feeling bored with this movie and was just waiting for it to end, or for it to possibly still start doing something that was remotely interesting or exciting to watch, which of course never happened though. The story is really starting to go absolutely nowhere after a while and the movie also isn't exactly ending with a bang.

It's a bit of a weird production. It's a German production, with also German actors and dialog in it but the movie is set and also partly shot in London, England and all of the characters are very British ones as well, complete with British names. It's all a bit weird to watch really. It's not even really a complaint, it's just a bit odd and it makes you wonder; why?

But again, this still truly could have been a pretty decent teenage movie, since the quality was definitely there. The directing, the cinematography, the sets, the actors. Nothing wrong with any of that but the movie heavily suffers from its unimaginative and uninteresting story, despite the fact that the movie had a pretty entertaining and promising sounding main premise.


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