Sometimes I feel certain movies aren't even worth wasting any words on. This definitely is one of those movies! I'll therefor also try to keep it short (probably gonna fail though), since basically all you need to know is that you should stay far away from this stinker!

This truly is the most amateurish movie I have seen in a long while. And that includes some truly amateurish, 10$ budget, movies. This movie is just terribly, in just about every regard. Worst thing about this movie isn't that it doesn't have an original idea of its own, or that it's one with a very cheap look and bad actors in it. No, the worst thing about this movie is that the film-makers themselves even couldn't seem to decide what kind of horror movie they were trying to make. The end result is an incredibly messy and just plain sloppy to watch movie, that feels all over the place with all of its horror, characters and story-elements.

Is it trying to be a ghost story? Is it a take on the found footage genre? Is it trying to be one of those haunted house/asylum type of horror movies? Is it trying to be a possession/exorcism movie? Terrible thing is that it's trying to be everything, all at once. That means that this movie is filled with all sorts of different horror styles, that never mesh together. The one moment its 'subtle' the other its showing you far too much. On top of that, this is one of those modern horror movies that feels the need to use some CGI for some its horror. It rarely works out well and needless to say that in this case it doesn't neither, which this time is however mostly due to the poor quality of the effects.

I can still like some certain formulaic horror productions but this movie just 'borrows' too heavily from some other, more successful, modern horror movies. It besides makes the movie far too predictable and a far from interesting, tense or mysterious one to watch. In other words, the horror falls completely flat.

This really never becomes a pleasant movie to watch, which is not just only due to its story but more so due to its storytelling. Too much doesn't make any sense, characters make some ridicules and unlikely decisions, the editing is terrible and the movie is lacking focus. There are countless absolutely terrible sequences in this movie, that will really make you go what the...The characters besides aren't any well developed or likable enough ones, which also is due to the poor performances by the actors. I basically still don't understand what the characters were trying to do in this movie. They start to investigate one thing but they just go on and on after that, till the movie reaches a point that I just don't know anymore what it is they are trying to find or proof. This truly is a movie that's only getting more and more worse, as it keeps on progressing.

Man, there is so much wrong with this movie and it would suffice to say that it does nothing right. I want to forget this movie as soon as possible. So just do yourself a favor and never watch this and also forget that it even exists!

I rather watch "A Talking Cat!?!" again.


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