While I definitely prefer these low budget fantasy flicks over, lets say, any sort of low budget horror and action ones, I still can't really say that this is a great movie as well.

Thing about fantasy movies is that they are creative and entertaining ones to watch, no matter what. No matter how formulaic and poorly made, there is always something to enjoy about them. And yes, there is plenty to enjoy in this movie as well. I actually had a pretty good time watching it but there still is no denying that this movie isn't without its flaws.

The one and main thing that still makes this movie a pretty unique one is that fact that it features ancient evil Orcs, who's biggest enemies aren't sword wielding knights or arrow shooting elves but modern day people with modern day weapons instead. That's right, it's Orcs against machine guns, swords against pistols and hand grenades against shields. Doesn't sound sounds like a fair match and indeed, the Orcs never come across all that threatening but it's all fun to watch nevertheless.

The movie doesn't involve time traveling but it involves dimension traveling instead, or something like that. I don't really know, since the movie doesn't really ever explain anything but it also really doesn't matter. The movie isn't really all about its story anyway but more all about its entertainment instead.

And while it all works out entertaining enough, this at the same time is also one of the movie its downfall. It isn't exactly a very convincing movie story-wise and it's hard to ever take it serious. This all also makes it all the harder to ever care for any of the character who are in it. All of the characters are extremely poorly developed ones anyway, so it's not like the movie had a very good foundation to begin with. The movie is too focused on bringing entertainment to the screen but not enough on making us care about anything that's going on in the movie.

It's a low budget movie, so of course it also isn't the most impressive one to look at. Seems that whenever they aren't filming a Lord of the Rings or Hobbit movie, you can borrow all of the Orcs costumes, for a very friendly price. It's funny how all 'modern' movies Orcs look like but also sound and behave like Lord of the Rings Orcs nowadays. It's not a big complaint but it's starting to get a bit of an annoyance. Another 'annoying' thing are the movie its special effects. Of course stuff like dragons are never going to look real in these cheap type of movies but when the movie uses fake looking CG blood and fake looking muzzle flashes, you still have a right to complain, especially when the movie loves to overuse both of these things. Having said that; the action in this movie often remains pretty enjoyable to watch, regardless of everything, though it does all starts to repeat itself after a while.

A bad and cheap looking movie, that luckily still remains entertaining enough to watch though. You won't feel bored while watching it and there seriously are far worse things you can spend 90 minutes with.


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