A poor man's "Se7en". A VERY poor man's "Se7en".

No ladies and gentleman, this is not a very good movie. As a matter of fact, it's terrible! It's a murder mystery without any mystery. A thriller without anything thrilling and a movie that just totally fails at delivering the story.

It's an unusually constructed movie. It basically feels like two movies wrapped into one, which in this case doesn't work out very positively. It basically features two stories; One that follows the 'killer' and one that follows the two cops who are after him. Both stories never feel connected, as if both story lines got done by a different director and was written by a different writer.

What's annoying about the fact that this movie is following its killer around is that the movie expect you to sympathize with the guy. But let me just tell you, there appears to be nothing kind or sympathetic about him and the movie spends far too much time with him. Not that the cop plot line is any better, it arguably is even worse but it would have made more sense for the movie to focus more on its 'good' guys, rather than on its bad ones.

It also feels like the movie is showing the audience its middle finger by doing something absolutely ludicrous toward its ending. It was so stupid and far fetched I actually felt offended by it. It's an attempt by the movie to throw in some surprises but needless to say that it doesn't work out too well. Too random, too nonsensical, too...well, too everything! It ruined an already bad movie all the more.

Rearon why this feels like a poor man's "Se7en" is because this movie is obviously trying a bit too hard to be "Se7en". Its two cops are basically a bad Mills and Somerset copy, in the way they behave and even look like. Richard Reid is especially bad and annoying as Brad Pitt wannabe.

Just don't watch this poorly made and very poorly written!


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