Nothing more subjective than comedy. What one person finds hilarious, another one simply doesn't. And that can be said about comedians as well. You either like and laugh at basically everything they do or say, or you don't. So really, if you like Kevin Hart, than by all means go and watch this movie. If you don't. than you obviously shouldn't. Personally, I'm not a big fan but I can't say that I find the guy to be terribly unfunny or not talented.

This honestly is a pretty good watch. It's short and therefor, never at any point, bores or starts to drag and the comedy is amusing enough, all throughout. This basically is nothing more but a filmed stand-up performance, with a few additional scenes thrown in the mix. The scenes mostly serve to introduce you to Hart and his comedy as well as to fill up for some time no doubt.

The stand-up act itself is pretty short actually. I would say it's around 50 minutes. That means that there's around 25 minutes of additional footage, of Kevin Hart just hanging around and touring the world with his act. It feels a bit like he's padding himself on the back with it, showing how popular and well known he is around the world but on the other hand, it also serves as a good introduction to Hart and his comedy before the actual stand-up act kicks in, so I'm not complaining too much about it.

His routine is like that of most other popular Afro-American stand-up comedians out there, which means it's loud, he's talking very fast, uses some profanities and talks about racial issues, which in this case mostly involves talking about Afro-American women. So no, it's not like he's doing anything new or his routine is up there with any if the best and most hilarious ones, in my opinion. Still he's obviously striking a cord with audiences, which mostly seems to exists out of young people, aged 20 to 35. He has found his niche and seems to understand and know what the audience expects and wants from him. In that regard, he really delivers and lovers of his comedy are no doubt going to enjoy- and laugh at most of the stuff he does and says in this.

Going more into the technical aspects of this movie; it's decently shot, though my complaint about it is that the camera movements and some of the editing feels a bit too directed at parts, which definitely distracted me and took me out of the show at times. But these are all somewhat minor complaints really. I truly enjoyed watching this movie, though I obviously wont ever claim that this is the most refreshingly original and renewing or hilarious stand-up comedy movie you can ever watch.

Just give it a go if you're still in doubt about Kevin Hart and his comedy. Chances are you'll end up liking it.


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