Problem with this comedy isn't even that its comedy is bad but it features a ridicules concept, in which all of its characters make the one unlikely decision after the other, making this movie more annoying than anything else really.

It's hard to ever get behind any of the characters in this movie. They aren't made likable enough and are besides mostly very poorly developed ones. Just like its story- too much about its characters just doesn't make any sense and are beyond silly. I of course know and realize that when doing a comedy you need to exaggerated a lot and at times also quite heavily so but when it turns the characters into unsympathetic ones and the story into a nonsensical one, you know something is wrong with the approach that the movie is taking.

It's weird, the way how this movie is constructed and being told. So here we have the story of a guy who never got over his Jewish high school sweetheart but yet, after only meeting someone once and only talking to her for like 1 minute, falls for another girl again, who happens to be a Jewish one again as well. In order not to mess things up this time around he decides to pass himself off as a Jew himself, only problem is that he has no idea how to behave like a Jewish person. So he calls in for the help of an old Jewish friend, who helps him by learning him all about the bad- and not exactly flattering, Jewish stereotypes. The type of stuff that makes you come across incredibly unlikeable and foolish and needless to say that things don't really work out too well for him. And then hilarity ensues, only not really. Really, the decisions all of the characters make in this movie are just plain stupid ones and not even in a good comedy kind of way. Just plain stupid. And yes, that really goes for all characters in this movie.

It's also weird how this movie tries to pass itself off as a romantic comedy, while there actually is very little romance in this movie at all. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ivan Sergei even have very little screen time together, making their 'lovestory' a weak and far from convincing one. You just never understand why the two of them would fall for each other and why the Ivan Sergei character would go through so much trouble for just this one girl, even right after he met her and literally still knows absolutely nothing about her at all, except for her name.

OK, so some of the secondary characters were somewhat amusing and it's not like the movie isn't going to make anybody laugh but it's just that the story and the buildup surrounding everything in this movie and its characters all is something very weak. It's the reason why this really isn't a recommendable movie to watch.

There wasn't quite enough in it for me to hate this movie as well but I nevertheless was annoyed and also somewhat bored with it at parts. I definitely was happy when the movie was over and it's a good thing it's under 90 minutes short. Despite its perhaps offensive sounding main premise, it's a too silly movie to be offensive to anyone in my opinion, so don't let that be the reason for you to not see this movie. It's not a recommendable movie to watch for many other different reasons instead!


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