It's amazing. 25 years after the first movie and 9 years after the last entry, the series, featuring everybody's favorite killer doll, continues, even though the series never have been amongst the most popular and acclaimed ones, amongst horror fans.

With this latest installment, the series returns to its horror roots. Lets face it, the last few Chucky movies were more comical than anything else really and although I for one certainly didn't mind this approach, I'm also at the same time really glad they turned this movie into a real horror one. The original idea behind a killer doll is actually a pretty good and scary one, that also works out well again within this movie.

Reason why it works out well is because this movie really takes its time to set up its tension and mystery. This also means that you won't see Chucky move or talk for the longest time but that really is not a bad thing in this case. This in a way also feels more like a reboot than an actual sequel, though toward the end the movie suddenly starts referencing all of the previous movies and attempts to connect all of its events and characters to those from the previous movies. So it still counts as a sequel as well. Even some familiar faces from the franchise show up toward the end, which definitely surprised me and was good and fun to see.

Some people are probably going to complain that this movie has like 4 or 5 endings, even an after credits one and it all feels like a last minute decision as well, in order to leave room for some potential sequels but I'll admit; I liked every single ending, since it threw in some pretty nice surprise, which got me excited for more future installments.

Having said all of that; this at the same time remains a far from great horror movie as well. Yes, it's definitely better than most horror sequels but it also is a far from original one, or one that's filled with tons of scares and gruesome gory deaths. Because the movie moves kind of slow at times, it also really isn't the most exciting movie to watch. Besides, the movie is mostly set at just one location (obviously for budget reasons), so there isn't an awful lot of variety in it neither.

Still, it's good to see the return of Chucky and to see that the movie really isn't a terrible one and actually does a lot of things right. As a horror movie, it's definitely being a watchable one and as a part of the Child's Play franchise, it's truly one of the better- and most effective sequels.


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