Wow, what a terrible movie! This movie is so bad, it's not even funny.

It feels like I watch at least 50 slashers each year, for the past 5 years now. And really, this one is truly amongst the worst! The main problem with this movie isn't the fact that it's an incredibly formulaic one, that isn't doing or even trying to do anything remotely new but the main problem with this movie is that it's a very poorly done one!

Most slashers are of course low budget productions, so that can't be an excuse! This movie feels incredibly amateurish and also definitely has a cheap look to it. The storytelling is terrible and also horror-wise there is very little to enjoy in this movie. No good blood and gore, no creative deaths and not a very memorable killer, all despite the promising sounding concept and nice look of the movie its killer.

There is never a good build up to anything and it constantly also takes the longest time for someone to finally get killed again. There are large portion of the movie in which the characters do nothing but talking to each other and walking around, without ever investigating, or trying to stop anything from happening. In other words, there really isn't enough interesting going on in this movie.

We spend a lot of time with all of the characters but it never feels like we get to know them, All of them come across like stereotypes. They are either too annoying or shallow to care about, or in some cases both. Besides, the acting is absolutely terrible! Not just bad but but really terrible! It of course doesn't help much that the movie has some terrible dialog in it and some very poor directing as well.

And yes, I know that the movie isn't always taking itself very serious at times and you could even say that this movie is more of a comedy than horror movie really. It's deliberating trying to be 'bad' and formulaic at parts but the problem is that isn't being very creative or funny with anything. Being just bad for the sake of being bad and go over-the-top with certain things, doesn't necessarily make things good and fun to watch as well. Instead it in this case makes things simply look bad and absolutely not in a fun or nostalgic kind of way.

And once it finally gets revealed who the movie its killer is...well, it's not like it's turning the movie into a better or more clever one. To me, the reveal made absolutely no sense at all. It was very random and I literally would have been more content with any other random character ending up as the movie its killer. No, I didn't like it one bit!

One of the worst slashers and movies of the past few years.


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