OK I admit. The more newer Dolph Lundgren movies I watch, the more I start to like them. I therefore also have to admit that I liked watching this one as well, even though I, for most of the time, had absolutely no idea what was going on in the story.

Dolph Lundgren is certainly having a bit of a revival again. Not that he's ever been away but he sort of had disappeared into obscurity for a while but every now and again, he pops up in some big movies again, which made people more interested in his other new, smaller budget, B-action movies as well. At least that's what happened to me. I think part of it is also nostalgia and I don't even know why I keep watching these type of movies, since they most definitely aren't very good ones.

This is a bit of a weird movie really. It's featuring a very serious, lets say "Goodfellas" type of crime/gangster story but the movie itself is totally shot and told as a modern, action-movie style. It doesn't quite blend together too well.

Thing that's particularly annoying about the movie its storytelling and also makes this a somewhat confusing one to watch is that it's constantly focusing on different characters, of which you just never really know who they are, what they want and whose side their on. It's weird really. The one moment the movie is all about the Dolph Lundgren, the other it's just about Billy Zane and the next it's focusing just on Vinnie Jones. Perhaps it could have worked out if all of the different story lines were connected in a better and more engaging way. I admit that I at times had absolutely no idea what was going on!

So how come I still somewhat liked it? I don't even really know myself. I mean, I recognize this as a bad movie but I still was never bored or truly annoyed, by any of it. The movie takes itself very serious but at the same time it still seems to know that it isn't really a great movie and also decides to throw in some silly but entertaining action moments. I'm glad it did. It made the movie at least entertaining enough for me to keep on watching.

Or maybe it's because of the quality of it all. It's normally a sad thing to see some, once big name, actors in B-movie slock but I actually enjoyed watching the likes of Billy Zane and Robert Davi in this movie. The movie itself is also quite good looking, though it remains very obvious all throughout that this movie didn't had a large budget, especially during all of the shootouts.

I truly think that most people are absolutely going to hate this movie but for me it was a somewhat watchable and enjoyable one and I'm sure it will be for some Dolph Lundgren/B-movie lovers as well.

5/10br />
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