This movie features a pretty simple and straightforward concept but to be fair, it isn't all that terrible to watch and in some ways it's actually quite an original and creative movie.

As far as low budget horror goes, this is far from the worst thing you can watch. It's never an annoying or terribly bad movie to watch. Or well, never TOO annoying or terrible anyway. I mean, it still makes plenty of bad discussions and it's filled with some stupid moments but the same can be said for 90% of the genre movies out there.

Thing that I kind of liked about this movie is that it's trying to be more than just another average and standard horror movie. It's trying to focus more on the human characters than on its 'monster' at times and turns ordinary characters into villains, once they are forced to make some horrible decisions, in order to save their own lives. Not that it always works out very well but I give the movie credit for at least trying and it does in fact, despite everything, makes this movie a more interesting and unpredictable one to watch than the average, similar sort of, genre attempt.

It's too bad that it's main premise isn't all that solid really. So, here we have a monster horror movie in which the monster is nothing but a giant fish. Not a shark, not the Loch Ness monster, just a plain old ordinary fish. It just never comes across as anything all that threatening. Add to that that this movie isn't set at the open sea or anything but just a very ordinary and small looking lake. The characters are constantly struggling to get on shore, while we clearly can see the shore close by in the background, at just about any given time. It just doesn't work out too well for the movie its tension or sense of desolation and claustrophobia.

It also isn't a terribly shocking or gory movie, so if you're looking or hoping for that, this might not be the movie for you. Sometimes you don't even see the 'monster' at moments it was definitely necessary. Stuff like this all makes it very obvious that this movie just didn't had a terribly large budget to spend.

The acting isn't all that impressive neither and it may sound picky but some of the actors just didn't look right for their roles It actually made them less likable, or at least for me it did.

Well, all in all, the movie isn't all that terrible to watch but there isn't exactly anything impressive about it either. It's a watchable but not highly recommendable movie.


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