OK so this movie is bad but lets put things in perspective here. It's only just a tad bit more worse than most other average taking animal movies out there.

99% of all talking animal movies are bad and annoying ones (that 1% of good movies is "Babe"), since they all imply that animals can think like humans and also have all of the exact same needs and desires. Well, that's only one reason why they are bad and annoying movies to watch but to me that's always the most annoying aspect about these type of movies. This movie is no exception, other than the fact that this is hardly a talking animal movie really. I mean, sure there is a talking cat in this but it just never feels like its the central point of the movie. It's merely a storytelling device to help the story move forward at certain points but it in no way is the main character of this movie and I actually even believe that this movie easily could have done without him.

Even the cat itself looks bored, all throughout. He besides constantly looks pissed off and annoyed by the whole situation and I wouldn't be surprised if it just was a random cat from one of the producers, who wanted to see his/her cat in a movie. No way that this was a trained cat, who had done any movies/TV series or commercials before. Besides, he looked a bit too on the chubby and old side, making it not the most appealing or cute cat to look at. The cat on the cover looks kind of nice but unfortunately it's a completely different cat from the one that's in the movie...I also really can't say that Eric Roberts was a good choice to voice the cat. His voice really didn't fit the part and he besides put very little effort into it. Sounded like he was just reading off a piece of paper and the sound quality was absolutely terrible as well. It clearly wasn't recorded in a professional or even semi-professional recording studio. It most likely simply got recorded inside an empty random room, or possibly even at Eric Roberts own home.

But really, the cat hardly is the worst aspect about this movie and no, neither are the 'special effects' used to appear the illusion of talking. It obviously has a very simple main plot line but what is especially bad about the movie and its writing is the way how it handles its characters. It's actually quite confusing to be honest. At times I really didn't know who I was supposed to like and dislike in this movie. Who were supposed to be the 'good' and 'bad' guys so to speak. Every time I thought I was sure someone was a person that I was supposed to root for and care about, that person would start doing something incredibly hateful or just plain stupid. It keeps doing random and silly stuff with its characters, that keeps on changing their personalities and the way you look at them, making this far from the most consistent movie out there.

And well, other than that; there isn't much to say about its story really. I can see what it was trying to do but it feels all over the place , which often results in some incredibly random and painful to watch sequences, that serve absolutely no purpose to the story at all. It was trying to be a cute family movie, in which its different characters met and started to move closer toward each other, by helping each other out, with all of their different 'problems' and other issues.

Just like everything else, the acting was quite bad in this, though to be fair, that also had a lot to do with its poor writing. It has some absolutely terrible dialog and I really don't know where this movie its comedy was supposed to come from. Perhaps that's why the movie is so incredibly random at times; all of those random moments got put in there in an attempt to get a laugh or two but the only laughs you're going to get out of this movie are unintentional ones. You'll most likely laugh at how silly and bad this movie can get at times but other than that, this just isn't a very funny, cute or entertaining movie to watch.

Another thing worth mentioning is its absolutely atrocious musical score! Man, whoever did it should be forced to watch this movie in a continuous loop, "A Clockwork Orange"-style.

Well, to be fair, I have seen worse, far more worse, movies, believe it or not. It doesn't make this movie a good one but it's still the reason why I'm also still being somewhat 'mild' with my rating of it. It's an absolutely terrible movie but at least they were still trying to make this a somewhat watchable and amusing one, unlike some other terrible movies that I have seen.

Also look out for David DeCoteau's other upcoming movies "A Talking Pony!?!" and "My Stepbrother Is a Vampire!?!" (no joke).


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