Welcome back to the '90's! This is one of those movies in which a psychopath starts messing with a family by invading their lives and set them up against each other. The type of stuff that was very popular in the late '80's and '90's, with for instance movies such as "Fatal Attraction", "Unlawful Entry" and "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle" as a result. Now, to be fair, these type of movies have always stayed around but never ever have they been any good or very original to watch, or not since the '90's anyway. And this movie isn't bringing any change to that.

It's a very simplistic and dumb movie, with a TV like quality to it. (no wonder, since it's actually made for TV) It's never tense, it's never surprising and also not entertaining enough. But what's perhaps worse about is the fact that the movie just doesn't make any sense!

So here we have a person who is trying to get 'his' house back from a family that just moved in there. But once he, toward the end of the movie, is in full control of things and is pulling all of the strings, he comes up with a plan to blow up the house. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it...Just one of the examples why I feel comfortable calling this movie a dumb and nonsensical one. And sorry for the spoilers but it really isn't going to ruin anything about this very formulaic and predictable, silly, little movie.

Also the way how the movie its psychopath is setting all of the family members up against each other is done in the most ridicules and unconvincing way. What's so bad and ridicules about it is how easily the family members turn against each other, like they didn't already thrust each other in the first place, even though they of course get depicted as a very happy and close family.

The movie its psychopath also really isn't an all too great one. Jamie Kennedy isn't a very good actor in this, though it's hard to say if that he really is his fault, or that the blame instead should be put on the movie its writing and directing approach.

But still, there isn't enough here for me to hate this movie as well. It's made for a certain audience and only to be aired on TV. It;s simplistic and nothing special but that also means that it isn't able to do an awful lot wrong. If this was a big blockbuster movie, with some bigger names involved, there would have been no excuse for the movie its flaws.


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