It's true these movies always have a certain charm to them but it's also true that they sort of start to blend together after a while. I certainly can't watch movies like this all weak long, since I'll most likely end up feeling annoyed by them. They often follow the same beats and patterns, as well as similar type of characters. But having said that, movies such as this one are still great to watch, in small doses though and when in the right mood for it of course.

And when you're in the right mood for it, there is actually very little wrong with this movie. It's perfectly fine to watch, since it never gets too heavy or serious with anything. That also means that it's probably not going to leave a lasting impression on you but you'll nevertheless still most likely have a good time, while watching it.

Foremost reason why this movie works out well is because it features a good and likable main character, played by the perfectly cast Kristen Bell. She's likable but above all things convincing in her role, which makes all of her actions and motives understandable and believable ones.

It's the type of character who is not necessarily going through a midlife crisis or is a depressed but one that wants to take a break from life and literally returns to her youth, by going back to her hometown and move in with her parents again. And I can definitely see how the story and characters in this movie could resonate with certain people. That of course also is a great strength about this movie.

Not everything is great about it though. One of the things I never really like about these type of movies is that they often also feature a whole bunch of side plots, involving supporting characters, with each their own things and problems going on. That's also the case with this movie, till some extend. Things like that often don't work out all too interesting and sometimes it even distracts from the movie its main point and story.

Thing I also wasn't too fond of was that the movie was a pretty dark one at times. And I mean visually. Lots of scenes are set during the night time. It gives the movie a totally different atmosphere and often is a killer for its atmosphere and lightheartedness.

For the movie still foremost is a comedy in my opinion. Sure, it's a dramedy but as these movies often tend to do, it at the end is leaning more toward being a feel good movie. Or at least that's what I took out of it.

Simply a pretty good genre movie, if you're in the mood for it. It isn't too heavy or serious though, so it shouldn't be too hard to get into the right mindset for it.


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