Bad and cheap horror movies have always been around. Only difference, when compared to the modern bad and cheap horror movie, is that genre movies from the 70's were bad ones for completely different reasons. Instead of being too formulaic or predictable ones, they were just too crazy ones, with its main premise and all of its developments. This however also meant that these movies were at least creative and original ones and therefore often are perfectly watchable ones as well, no matter how poorly they are made.

And yes, this most definitely is a bad and also very cheap looking genre flick, with a flawed and ridicules concept, that however still works out as decent entertainment.

Thing I often love about these older type of horror movies is that they are very straightforward ones, that never pretend to be more than what they are. It's very basic with its story and all of its horror aspects and isn't 'wasting' any time on trying to properly develop things, or provide answers to everything. This is actually something that works way better for older type of genre movies than newer ones really. Perhaps it's because newer type of genre movies often are taking themselves far too seriously but forget about how to be truly creative and entertaining, which is something older type of horror movies never seemed to forget about, this one included.

It really is the main concept of the movie that makes this an entertaining, as well as pretty original one. It's not the type of horror movie that involves ghosts, monsters or is filled with lots of blood and gore but it actually in essence is a revenge flick, that however gets treated as if its an actual horror movie, in terms of its atmosphere and way of storytelling. I actually feel that this movie had far more potential in it really. If only it had developed certain plot lines and characters better, this movie could have been a far more interesting one to watch as well. It now mostly remains a very shallow and simplistic revenge flick, that could have taken things further.

From a technical viewpoint, this is a very poorly done film. The pace often feels lacking, as does the editing and camera-work. It lets the movie look and feel all the more cheap really, though of course this also means that the movie has a certain charm to it as well. Lovers of B-horror from the '70's should definitely be able to appreciate this movie for what it is!

It's not as trashy and sleazy as most productions of this sort. For a genre movie that features mostly young female characters in it, there is a surprisingly little amount of sex and nudity in this movie. I'm not saying this is a classy movie but at least it's not one that is degrading women either. As a matter of fact, some of the female characters are actually the strongest and best developed ones, the movie has to offer.

Perfectly watchable for those who love cheap '70's horror.


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