This never looked like a good movie to me but to be honest, it was even worse than expected.

Don't know what happened here but the script for this movie is an absolute terrible one. For its first half it's lacking a good point to it and the second half is just too confusing and messy to tell what is going on exactly and what its main plot line is supposed to be all about. I still don't really understand the villain's plan, or why there are only 2 guys, including one 'rookie', who can- and are the only ones trying to, stop this apocalypse from happening. I mean, I think it's some sort of apocalypse they are trying to prevent but I'm still not really sure involves gold, a Kevin Bacon with a cracked skull, a human sacrifice and some clouds opening but other than that, I had no idea what was happening.

It definitely feels like the script is the end result of rewrite after rewrite. Certain plot lines are going absolutely nowhere and others are just too messy to make anything out of. It constantly keeps coming up with its own, new convenient rules, which is pretty annoying. It besides does a poor job explaining anything. The movie is set in a pretty weird 'world', with all some pretty weird rules and characters, that could have worked out all, if only the movie knew how to create a quirky type of atmosphere and style for the movie. But it never really does, or at least not in a very successful or effective enough kind of way. The comedy is lacking and the movie never fully manages to become a fun and entertaining enough one.

The comedy is actually kind of awkward. It often has long pauses after each visual gag or punchline, as if it's desperately trying to get a reaction out of its audience but the humor is neither clever or original enough to ever work out as anything funny.

Visually it also isn't a very appealing movie. The special effects are distractingly lacking. Totally not acceptable for a $130.000.000 budget movie! And like I said before, if they movie would have been quirky enough it all could have still worked out but this movie is simply set in the 'real' world, with only some quirky characters and few visuals thrown into it. As a whole, it really isn't working.

And as for the Jeff Bridges character; at times he's awesome, at others he's mostly just annoying, with his thick accent. It's basically just like this movie; sometimes it works out well but more often it just really isn't, despite all its hard efforts. Ryan Reynolds on the other hand is a pretty decent and likable leading man, especially during the movie its action moments.

But I was still more fond of Kevin Bacon and his character in this movie. I don't think I'm spoiling much be saying that he's the main villain of the movie and he's perfectly enjoyable as it but I only do wish they gave him more- and better things to do in the movie.

Of course it's far from the worst movie that you could ever watch and who knows, you may even enjoy it, at least some parts, when you catch it on TV, late at night. It's not a completely terrible movie but very little about it works successfully and effectively enough.


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