Not many people know this, since not many people have seen this movie but this actual was the fist Steve Jobs biopic to be released, after his death in 2011. Well, I say biopic but that's of course a term I should use loosely, since this movie is a flat out comedy! And surprisingly it's not a lame or terrible one.

I really had a good time with this movie. Next to being a pretty funny comedy, the movie actually did a pretty good job at telling you the story of Steve Jobs' career. Sure, it takes 'liberties' with its story and most definitely not everything shown and told in this movie is a 100% accurate but then again, this is a comedy. It's made to amuse and to make you laugh, so of course it's constantly heavily exaggerating and making stuff up, all for the sake of comedy. And I'm actually glad they did. it made this a very amusing and pleasant movie to watch, as long as you aren't ever taking things too seriously. It's not an educational movie, even though I still feel that the movie did a pretty decent job with telling you the story of Steve Jobs' career in main lines. But again, you should absolutely take anything this movie does and tells you with an extremely large grain of salt!

Thing that is also good about its comedy is that you don't have to be an Apple freak to understand all of the jokes. It's not relying on some obscure jokes, only a small group of people is going to get, or stuff hidden in the background. It's a very straightforward and universal comedy, that often is going for the cheap and predictable laughs but all of them are very well executed, so it actually is something that works out- and sometimes even works out really well for the movie! It's making absolutely sure that you are going to be able to get every single joke and visual gag and basically leaves nothing unexplained. It makes the movie real easy to follow but of course somewhat simplistic at the same time as well.

Justin Long was a pretty amusing Steve Jobs, even though he acts or looks absolutely nothing alike the real Steve Jobs. But authenticity was never this movie its main goal. It's all the more amusing once you consider Justin Long's years long affiliation with Apple, as the 'Apple guy' in some commercials. As a matter of fact, Justin Long is even a character in this movie, played by a totally different actor. which was a pretty amusing and creative thing in my opinion. I also really liked Jorge Garcia as Steve Wozniak, or perhaps I should rather say that I really liked the character of Steve Wozniak in this! It's a greatly comedic one and I just loved how every other character in this movie was treating him like dirt, for no clear reason at all.

When it's really trying and putting some effort into it, it can be a pretty creative movie at times. There certainly were some unexpected moments in this movie for me, such as an absolutely hilarious and random virtual reality sex scene. Probably the best sex scene in a movie I have seen in years. The movie is filled with some great and highly amusing moments like this, that try to outweigh the movie its more generic and cheap laughs.

I of course won't ever say that this is a great movie though. It's just too simplistic but all things considering (apparantly the movie was written in 3 days and shot in 5), this absolutely is a very amusing and pleasant to watch little comedy, that at no point ever gets annoying or becomes a terribly unfunny or offensive one.


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