It's very easy to hate on these low budget and generic sort of productions but I have to say that this movie is absolutely far from the worst genre movie that I have ever seen!

For some odd reason I have been seeing a whole bunch of modern British gangster flicks lately. Guess it's a genre that's hot and popular currently in Britain, so it most likely also wont be the last movie from the genre that I have seen this year. And really, most of the genre movies that I have seen are absolutely terrible! Not just bad but really plain terrible! I therefore also was somewhat pleasantly surprised by this movie. It's never really turning into a great one but it's a perfectly watchable nevertheless.

There are still plenty of bad and annoying aspects about the movie. One of them is that it pretty much throws you right into the 'action'. The movie doesn't ever take its time to set up anything. And not just at the start of the movie but pretty much all throughout. It even makes the movie somewhat confusing in parts and I have to admit that I was having a hard time distinguishing the good guys from the bad, since they all looked and acted alike (basicly every character in this movie is a criminal of some sort) and just couldn't always tell what was happening with its story and what the characters wanted and what their current motivations were exactly.

It's also really all because this movie literally has no real character development in it at all. It's therefore also really hard to ever care for any of the characters in this, even the 'good' ones that you are supposed to be with and root for.

But still, the movie never turned into an unpleasant one to watch. Even though its story felt kind of messy there still were plenty of good and interesting developments in it as well. It's a real fast going movie, so most of the time you don't even notice how poorly its story gets handled. the movie doesn't ever give you enough time to think about anything, or let stuff sink in. In this case, this worked in the movie its advantage.

All of the action that's in the movie is pretty decent as well, which is quite an accomplishment for such a small movie such as this one.

It's also a good and professional looking movie, with some good enough performances in it. James Cosmo is the only true big and recognizable name in this but all of the actors did a pretty good job holding their own, even the young and inexperienced ones.

Definitely not a great movie but there obviously are worse genre movies to watch!


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