It's actually somewhat hard to rate this movie. It isn't a particularly well made one but at the same time, it really isn't a bad movie.

It's a B-movie in just about every sense of the word but yet, it isn't as formulaic as the average genre flick. It's a bit of a slasher, it's a bit of a more classic whodunit and it's a bit of a plain, good old fashioned, horror flick, with all of its atmosphere and settings. The combination of different elements doesn't always work out too well for its tension and pace but it does make the movie a pretty unique and watchable one within its genre.

It is somewhat annoying and disappointing that you don't really get to see any of the killings. People just end up dead and it also isn't a terribly gory or shocking movie, which may disappoint some of the genre fans, such as myself.

It's just a movie about a bunch of lunatics walking around and there really isn't all that much to its story. But thing this movie does well is letting everybody come across as a potential suspect and to be fair, the story also does have some pretty good twists in it, even though you may see them coming from miles away already, once you have seen 2 or 3 movies like this already.

The acting is pretty bad, as is the overall look and feeling of the movie. It has bad picture and sound quality and obviously got done by a director who had no real training- or experience within the business. It has some pretty weird storytelling and the movie is filled with long drawn out sequences that are going absolutely nowhere and in the end also serve no real purpose but yet the movie never feels like an either slow or boring one. There is always something weird going on, which keeps things interesting enough to keep on watching.

This truly isn't a great movie, both quality- and story-wise but it still remains a perfectly watchable one, due to its pretty original approach


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