Guess that every film-maker would love to try and create their own "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" but does it ever result in any good movies? Barely, since the movies always seem to be lacking either the star-power or quality of writing for the movie to work out as a powerful and intriguing one.

And this movie is arguably lacking both. I'm not saying that any of the actors are horrible in this or the writing is absolutely terrible but it just isn't anything all that special to be honest.

So here we have a movie about 2 different couples, constantly bickering about a whole bunch of trivial stuff. I know these type of movies are made to relate to and I'm sure there also are a lot of couples out there who going to be able to identify themselves with this movie its characters and at least some of it situations. But still, is it all interesting enough as a movie? I just don't think so. There isn't a big or serious enough 'conflict' in the movie and to me it also certainly didn't feel like I was ever watching a movie in which its characters were growing and progressing. Same could be said for its story by the way.

It's obviously again one of those movies that got based on a stage-play, to which I'm always like, keep stuff like that in the theaters! The sort of dialog, storytelling and style of acting certainly belongs better in a stage-play and doesn't translate too well to film. It's too dry and repetitive, since it's mostly set at just a handful of different locations and only involves a handful of characters.

But really as far as these type of movies go, this really isn't a terrible one. It's still perfectly watchable, despite all criticism. Yes, it feels a bit pointless all but it's watchable nevertheless. The acting is pretty good as well, though as I mentioned before, this movie is missing a true big star and name in it, to lift the movie to greater heights, with all respect to Julia Stiles, Melissa George, Taye Diggs and David Harbour by the way, for all four of them did a more than capable job. Well, most of the time anyway!

It's watchable but not necessarily recommendable as well.


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