For every great zombie that's out there, there are 20 absolutely terrible ones! And guess which category this one falls into...

The most brilliant thing about this movie is that is stars Uwe Boll as the American president. Unfortunately, it's also the only thing about this movie that could be called brilliant. It's not only just a poor zombie flick but it's a poor movie on all accounts.

From a zombie movie, done by a, far most part, Italian crew, you would expect to get some fun, good and gory zombie action, at the very least. But weird thing about the movie is; there are hardly zombies in it really. Sure, it has some scenes in which a bunch of zombies occasionally pop-up but those moments are really random and not divided all that evenly across the movie. Besides, it gets very repetitive all the time and the movie is lacking any form of creativity.

Even the zombie action that is in it just isn't all that much fun to watch. It does not only get repetitive but it's something that's poorly done overall as well. It gets even annoying to watch at times, when the main characters aren't all that busy trying to survive or getting the job done but are more concerned about getting the next cool kill-shot instead.

And to be frank, I don't even really know what the story was supposed to be all about in the first place. It doesn't provide all that much background information to anyone or anything and it doesn't really seem to be following a very solid and clearly present, main plot line. Especially not when the movie keeps on introducing new and 'important' character, right till the movie its final 15 minutes.

The character aren't all that likable in the first place. This movie made some seriously poor casting choices. The main 'tough heroes' are too old looking for their roles and the one character that is supposed to be the hot and kick-ass chick of the group is about as uncharismatic- and far from hot, as they can get! The movie is filled with weird and poor casting choices like that.

The overall movie also has a cheap and bad look to it. The special effects are horrible (seriously, why bother using computer effects when you clearly don't have the budget or knowhow for it) and the gore isn't even all that great or fun to watch.

Really not worth seeing, not even if zombie flicks are really your type of thing.


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