This is a rather enjoyable movie, that's a bit on the (too) short side but one that's very well worth your time!

It's hard to categorize this movie, since it's doing a lot of different things and it's going most of it very well and effectively. In some ways it's a drama, in some ways it's a comedy and in some ways it's even a bit of a thriller. Yet the movie doesn't feel all over the place with its style and approach. It feels like a very well balanced movie instead, that never gets too serious but never too silly either. The style and approach of this movie make it a very 'ligth' and pleasant one to watch!

Guess that the best thing to compare it to is an Edgar Wright movie, with its comedy and goofy, not too clever, or not too subtle, type of characters in it. But yet, at the same time, with an also still somewhat serious undertone, provided by some of the themes and plot lines, as well as having some well fleshed out characters in it, that are all very likable and often easy to relate to. Even the 'villains' of the movie get humanized and are likable and one's you should be able to sympathize with, on at least some level. It gives the movie real 'heart'. But by saying it could be compared to an Edgar Wright movie I'm not saying that it's a ripoff or wannabe Edgar Wright movie. It's still really its own thing and successfully adds its own spin to things, without ever feeling like a ripoff or wannabe type of movie.

It of course helps that all of the characters are played by some pretty good and well experienced, actors. Definitely good to see how a low budget and independent production is capable of pulling such a great cast & crew together.

For it's not just the cast that's great but also it's crew did a stellar job with this movie! Despite the fact that the movie had a shoestring budget and had to be shot in a short period of time, it's still a perfectly professional looking one! It uses great settings, some nimble editing and great camera-work. The camera is also basically constantly moving, which really is giving the movie a good quick and pleasant pace as well.

The story is also constructed pretty well and has some good layers to it. Whenever there isn't happening much with it's story, there is always still something going on with at least one of its characters, which ensures that the movie is always going and never has a slow or dull moment in it. It's also pretty creative, so it doesn't ever starts to become a predictable or repetitive movie to watch.

But just when things were really starting to get truly good and interesting, the movie was suddenly over. Perhaps I was expecting a bigger and more surprising and creative conclusion but also fact remains that the movie with its 76 minutes of running time is a very short one. Too short in this case, or at least in my opinion it is. Looking back at it, it also doesn't wrap up all of its story lines, which all is a slight disappointment as well. It also certainly never felt like the movie was nearing its climax, so it all happened quite suddenly. It perhaps is the only aspect about the movie that isn't handled and developed properly. Who knows, maybe they were stressed for time and with an additional few weeks of shooting they could have wrapped things up more neatly and the movie would have been an even better one!

But I'm really not complaining too much though, since the overall movie remains a good and perfectly entertaining one. It's a great 'little' movie, that's technically well made, acted out really well and just overall is a fun and very pleasant one to watch!


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