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Pretty sure of it that all of the actors must have had a great and fun time making this movie but does it make this movie a good comedy as well? Not entirely, in my opinion.

In my opinion, this is a bit too much of an one note movie. It basically consists out of a bunch of well known actors playing parodies of themselves, without ever becoming that very creative with the actual comedy. Perhaps it's because the movie is mostly set at one place or maybe it was simply because the movie was relying too much on it that the actors and their dynamics would carry the movie and make its comedy. It's a tad bit too simplistic for my liking and I would have preferred it if the movie had focused more on its writing, rather than trying to cram in as many familiar faces as possible.

It's not that the movie is terribly bad or an unfunny one to watch but it still overall was a disappointing one. I thought it had a pretty good and funny sounding premise in it and I like most of the actors that are in this movie but it never turned into the laugh riot or fun to watch movie I was hoping for and was expecting it to be.

It's still somewhat fun to see all of the familiar faces poking fun at each other and themselves but even this got a bit tiresome after a while. It's too predictable and simple all really. It basically turns the 'geekiest' and least likely actors into the biggest heroes and all of the toughest looking ones are the biggest cowards. It's also something that makes most of the humor and characters very predictable all.

All of the characters are exaggerated too much as well in my opinion. So here we have a movie in which all of the actors pretend to play themselves, while they do the absolutely craziest and most stupid stuff you could possibly imaging. No person is that crazy or stupid as the ones in this movie. Of course you shouldn't take this movie and any of its characters too seriously but the foolishness of the characters was a bit distracting and annoying to watch at times, especially once the movie starts to repeat itself over and over again with it.

And partly because of this, the movie also tends to feel a tad bit overlong. It's actually only a just over 100 minutes long movie but it feels more like a 2 hours and 15 minutes long one. That's never a positive thing to say, especially not about a comedy.

It's still somewhat of a fun movie to watch and I also got some laughs out of it but I wouldn't exactly call it the comedy of the year, to say the least...


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