When you make a fun, big, entertaining, summer blockbuster, you should at least make sure it's a fun and entertaining one to watch. This movie isn't any fun! It's lackluster, it's messy, it's overlong and overall really not a very pleasant movie to watch.

Really the biggest disappointment about this movie was that it was almost entirely devoid of entertainment. Here you have a masked hero, a native American warrior, James Bond type of villains, all set in the wild west. Why not use all these thing in your advantage and make the movie a fun, overblown, crazy, entertaining one. It's not like the movie is taking itself too serious but it doesn't really ever know what to do with its story or many characters.

It's actually a somewhat confusing movie to watch at times, since its story feels all over the place. It doesn't help much that the movie keeps on introducing new characters into the movie, pretty much right till the end. Use Tonto, use the Lone Ranger, use one good and strong villain and use one love interest maybe. Don't make things needlessly overcomplicated, by throwing in new good and bad guys every 15 minutes, that for some reason each need to have an individual plot line as well. It gets really tiresome after a while and because of this it also doesn't ever feel like the story is progressing, or heading toward anything potentially good or interesting, since you just know that 15 minutes later the movie is going to be about something totally different again, with most likely new characters involved as well.

It was really hard for me to keep my interest in this movie. I totally wasn't expecting it but quite frankly, I was mostly bored by the movie. Sure, it has some spectacular action moments in it but the problem is that the movie really takes its time to get to those moments. And all of that would be fine, as long as it's providing you anything entertaining or interesting in the meantime. This movie really does neither of this and it's literally filled with needlessly long sequences, that too often don't go anywhere or add anything to the overall movie.

Thing I also didn't like about the movie was that it hardly was a Lone Ranger movie really. I mean, the character really isn't all that much in this movie and he surely isn't doing much heroic things, especially not when compared to all of the stuff that Tonto is doing. But don't pretend this is going to be a Lone Ranger movie, if the focus of the movie is going to be on Tonto. It feels wrong that the main hero and character of the movie isn't the main hero or character at all. Poor Armie Hammer. He probably thought this movie was going to be his big breakthrough into big budgeted, summer blockbuster, movies and this one would be the start of a long running franchise of Lone Ranger movies, in which he would play the main character. It's doubtful though that they are going to do more Lone Ranger movies, at least not in the near future. The movie is not only not solid enough but most people are skipping on this movie as well and it doesn't look like it's going to make its $250.000.000 budget back, anytime soon.

Of course, with its $250.000.000 budget, it's still a pretty good looking movie but nothing that's going to blow you away really. It isn't anything new and due to its somewhat slower and more dull moments it never feels like you are watching a big, action-adventure, epic or one that looked like it had cost over $200.000.000 to make.

A messy, slightly dull and overall just not pleasant enough movie to watch! It's not just bad and disappointing but REALLY bad and disappointing!


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