The bar is never set too high for movies of this sort and it should also stay that way in my opinion. Some comedies are just made to give you a good and fun time and not made to impress you with anything new, daring or original. There will always be movies like this and that's fine with me, as long as they are at least are entertaining enough to watch, such as this one.

This is nothing more but a harmless and simplistic comedy, that plays things safe and by the numbers but is a competently made comedy. It's still a bit too much on the formulaic side in my opinion but that's the only true thing that remains bad and annoying about the movie. Other than that, it's perfectly fun to watch, even though it most likely isn't ever going to make you burst out laughing. It's cute and fun but nothing more than that really.

Thing that bothered me about the movie it's more formulaic ingredients were that they came across as absolutely pointless for this movie. They were just simply there because the audience expects those ingredients to be there but it doesn't really serve a purpose for the movie its actual story. This for instance goes for the movie its love-story, involving the Owen Wilson and Rose Byrne characters. It really doesn't ever work out as anything cute or convincing enough and it too often gets in the way of the movie its actual story. It besides really isn't ever handled or developed that very well. It almost feels as if it was a last minute addition to the story and it got crammed in after production on it had already started. This movie really didn't need to have a love-story in it and it neither needed any villains. Kind of annoying to see how there are some brats in this movie, who hate on the main characters and are heavily against them, for no real good or apparent reason. Stuff like this could work for a movie set at an high school, featuring teenagers but there are only adults in this movie, so it feels really out of place for this movie.

But really, I'm not going to hate too much on this movie, since I genuinely had an OK enough time with it. Besides, the movie is already receiving enough hate, which is a bit uncalled for, in my opinion. People see Vince Vaughn's name, people see Owen Wilson's and they see how they are in this movie together, starring as buddies and people will already have their opinions ready about it, way before they have even seen the movie, after which they are not willing- or no longer capable of viewing this movie with an open mind anymore. But in all honesty and objectivity, there is nothing offensively bad about this movie at all and it does in fact brings plenty of entertainment for those who are in the mood for some simple, fluffy, feel-good fun.

I admit that it feels needlessly long though. Some sequences go on for too long and others feel far too random. The movie is only truly good when it's focusing on its main story, though at the same time, lots of the movie its random sequences are actually the most fun ones. However as a whole, it doesn't always work together all that very well. The movie is about 2 hours long, which is always too long for just about every comedy. The movie n fact also feels way longer than its 2 hours, which is never a good thing to note.

So really, there are plenty of problems with this movie but it didn't take away too much of the fun and from its entertainment value. At least not in my opinion it didn't!


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