Still not really sure whether this was a good movie or not. On the one hand, when all things considering, it isn't a badly done movie one but on the other, it isn't exactly standing out with anything either. It does some things well and then it does some things less well. In other words; a really average zombie flick, that still definitely watchable enough though.

Generally speaking, modern, low-budget, zombie flicks normally aren't exactly known for their quality or originality, so it's always good to see a genre movie that at least isn't a terrible one to watch! Not that i would ever recommend this movie to any of the zombie lovers out there though. There just isn't enough gore or zombie action in the movie for it and besides, no, this movie really isn't doing anything new.

But again, when considering all things, this really is a pretty good little genre flick. So here we have a low-budget movie with a bunch of young, pretty, college friends, who decide to party at a remote house, when suddenly a zombie breakout hits. In other words, the story and concept had all the signs of a terrible movie, written all over it. But surprisingly enough the movie never becomes horrible or an annoying one with anything. It's probably because the movie isn't ever trying to be all hip and cool or is concerned about getting as many gory kills as possible. The movie is taking a more grounded sort of approach. Not that it ever makes the movie a realistic one but it does make it more of a pleasant one to watch.

And despite not really being a very action packed movie, it never bores. It never sticks to one place for too long. Despite not being too original with anything, it still has enough variety in it. Perhaps it's a good thing for this movie that it isn't featuring too much zombie action in it. Too much of a good thing can be a bad of course and it can turn a zombie movie into a very repetitive one. It besides allows for some character- and story development to occur (nothing too deep or serious though of course).

Guess you could say this movie is going for a more "World War Z" type of approach to the zombie concept. And nothing wrong with that of course. The genre keeps on evolving and with new trends come more and more new movies that try to ride the trend. Most of those movies are often pure garbage but in some cases, such as this one, it does in fact works out.

It's still pretty obvious at times that this is nothing more but a shoestring budget movie. There isn't too much gore and all of the extra's that play zombies aren't all that impressive or scary looking. But at least the movie is shot well, so it never becomes a too distracting or horrible thing about it.

It's watchable enough but clearly not the best or most spectacular zombie flick you could ever watch!


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