This movie had potential but it's pretty much all wasted by its unimaginative script and the underlying feeling that it's in a constant hurry to finish.

This movie feels really rushed. Don't know if they were truly stressed for time or they ran out of money about halfway through but simple fact is that the movie doesn't take the time to setup its story and characters or let anything ever develop properly enough, which also is making this an ultimately very shallow movie experience.

Who knows, with a month or two of extra shooting time and an additional million or two, this actually might have been a pretty decent genre flick. It certainly features an interesting enough main concept! Rather than a nuclear war or global warming, the apocalypse in this movie got caused by a new ice age and nowadays the common flu is the biggest threat, since chances of survival are minimal and the contagion rate is high. And as if that isn't enough already, the characters in this movie also also have to deal with a bunch of cannibals, that behave more zombie-like than human-like really. Sounds like good enough fun all, especially once you see the cast that's involved but ultimately, the movie really isn't anything good or fun enough to watch.

Nothing about it works out as it all obviously was intended to do. It doesn't ever successfully manage to creating a good enough atmosphere, while the movie itself was obviously going for a tense, spectacular, mysterious, claustrophobic "Aliens" (and about a dozen of other well known movies) type of approach with its atmosphere and settings (perhaps that's also why Bill Paxton is in it). But the movie as it is only shows hints of a tense, spectacular, mysterious and claustrophobic movie in it. All the right ingredients and intentions were there but it didn't quite work out all, due to the earlier mentioned reasons.

Because the movie feels rushed and doesn't really take its time to build up anything, it also feels like a very short movie. Just when you think things are finely going the right way and stuff starts to get truly interesting, the movie is over already. Perhaps they were aiming for a sequel but fact remains that the movie feels to short and even incomplete. The ending itself also totally isn't satisfying, which always leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

It doesn't matter too much that the movie features some pretty decent and well known actors in it. They don't really make the movie any more interesting or worthwhile, despite their best efforts. The script just wasn't solid enough and the execution of it was lacking as well but none of that was really the actor's faults in my opinion.

The movie also isn't always looking that great. When you can't afford decent special effects, don't use them at all! It distracts from the movie and only causes the movie to look all the more cheap.

Wish I could say that it at least was an entertaining enough movie to watch but there is in fact far too little to enjoy about this rushed and poorly handled movie.


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