This is a rather simplistic short that seemed to have some pretty good ideas in it but doesn't ever come together as a whole.

I don't know, maybe this short got done in a bit of a rush, since it certainly appears that way. Not everything has a finished feeling to it. Perhaps it's also true that this short is trying to cram too much into its mere 7 minutes of running time. Having too many twists and turns can be confusing, in terms of that you just don't know what you could expect from its story and characters anymore after a while, which sort of makes you feel detached from it all.

It's also true that once you have so many twists and turns in your movie, some of them are just bound to fall flat. And no, not all of the developments within this movie work out as anything effective or convincing. Especially the ending feels somewhat lacking. It's lacking a good punch and feels a bit too random and sudden all. Because the movie is taking so many different directions to its story, there is never really any time or space to properly build up toward an effective climax.

Also technically there are some things that are 'wrong' with this movie. Its sound quality is the most obvious one but I also wasn't always too impressed with its cinematography. Seems to me that all of the shots were made up on the spot, as they went along with thing and there was not a real plan beforehand. And that's a bit how the entire movie feels like really; never thought through properly.

But really, despite all that criticism, this still isn't a horrible short to watch really. It's not one that I would recommend but when you still do decide to watch it, you won't feel like you are completely wasting your time on it. I mean, it's never a boring short to watch, or an offensively bad one in any way but still too many weaknesses and lacking things about it for me to ever wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone.


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