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It took me 45 minutes to realize this was a horror anthology movie I was watching! Now, maybe that says something about my own stupidity but it probably says something about this movie its lacking storytelling as well.

Not even sure if you could really call it an anthology movie really, since it only consists out of only just 3 separate stories, each done by a different director apparently. Thing with the stories is that they aren't bad but they aren't exactly all that great either. Just very 'meh' all around, even if you really are into these kind of movies.

The way each of the 3 stories came across to me; they probably could have been some pretty decent 10 minute long shorts but each of them however are around 30 minutes long, which is far too long for the type of stories that this movie features and often causes the movie to drag and become an ineffective one with its tension and other horror ingredients.

Can't really say that the horror in this was anything that solid. I often was missing some genuine scares and monsters/demons/creatures/Zuni dolls, or whatever else! Seems that the movie was going for a more psychological horror approach but the writing really wasn't solid enough for it to ever work out.

Of course the one story is also better and more effective than the other one, which always is the case with any sort of anthology movie. However, I do feel that all 3 segments in this movie match very well with each other and are just about on the same level. All 3 segments are equally as 'good' for most part and are done in mostly the same style. That's why I also was pretty surprised to learn that this movie got done by 3 totally different directors.

It's still good and somewhat entertaining to watch all but nothing that is going to haunt you in your dreams.


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