Of course this is not a great movie but not all movies are made to be great. Some movies are just there to entertain. Movies like that are also often able to get away with more than just the average movie, as also is the case with this one.

This movie delivered on what it promised; lots of specular giant robots versus giant monsters action. What more do you need? I hope your answer is 'nothing' or 'not much', or else chances are you probably aren't going to enjoy or like this movie. It really doesn't have an awful lot to offer otherwise, in terms of its story or characters. Things are kept pretty simple but having said that, I still do feel that the movie actually did a good job with its storytelling.

There are large portions of the movie in which no giant robots or monsters show up. Yet the movie never starts to drag or appears to be running out of ideas. There is a really pleasant pace and style to the movie, that keeps things enjoyable and interesting, all at the same time. It's not a terribly clever or all too surprising movie but it also isn't anything too predictable or formulaic either and it actually manages to work out as a totally unique movie on its own right.

The movie never goes for a hyper-realistic sort of approach, which only adds to the movie its entertainment. In some ways it feels more like an anime than an actual live action movie. This of course especially goes for the movie its giant robots and monsters and the special effects in general. It really isn't as slick looking as for instance a "Transformers" movie but that's probably also one of the many reasons why this movie works way better. It never takes itself too seriously and the movie is all about the fun and its entertaining aspects. It allows itself to go crazy at times and it isn't pretending to be anything more than just some simple, high quality, entertainment.

The fights themselves are all a joy to look at, though it would have been nice if the movie used some more wide-shots at times. It would have worked better for the scale and scope of things and it potential could have made the fights more intense and involving, since it would have showed you more of what was going on at times. At times it's somewhat hard to tell, also since the movie features lots of night scenes and scenes set in the middle of the Ocean, with large waves blocking your view. But no, I'm really not complaining too much about it. It was pretty intense and impressive to watch all and it most certainly never got boring!

I can't overall complain about this movie, despite the fact that it of course is a far from flawless one. It simply delivers, by giving you just about everything you could hope and wish for, from a movie involving giant robots and monsters!


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