After having seen many bad horror flicks lately, it was kind of refreshing and good to see a genre movie that wasn't taking itself seriously for a change!

This is a pretty amusing short and granted that it's not really a full blown horror movie but it still plays around with many of the familiar genre ingredients and clich├ęs. It foremost is still a comedy though and I'm happy it is! It makes the movie a pleasant one to watch and the story a good- and more engaging one to follow.

It also helps a lot that the short has some good and likable characters in it. Even though you of course know nothing about them, you still feel that you get what the characters are all about, in terms of personalities and dynamics. They are all portrayed pretty well, by this short its actors.

It's also definitely a good looking short. Despite the fact that it was shot and put together in 48 hours, it looks and feels like a very professional production, that took much longer to make. It has some good cinematography, good editing, a nice little musical score and it uses some good and effective settings.

Reason why the short got done in 48 hours is because it was part of a 48 hour film competition. It actually won the audience choice award and it's not hard to see why. This is a real crowed pleaser, with its fun tone, nimble storytelling, likable characters and overall professional look and feeling.

It's of course not a perfect short (maybe it's a bit too predictable and not all of the developments work out equally well) or one that's going to absolutely blow your mind but it simply is a very well done and perhaps even more importantly, a very amusing short to watch, that's definitely worth checking out!


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  1. I don't take this review seriously. It reads like it was written by a 3rd grader.