Don't really know why but this movie sounded interesting to me. But I guess I'm just not enough into indie horror to fully appreciate this movie and like it good enough for what it is.

This just wasn't ever a very pleasant movie for me to watch. I really didn't like the pacing and it prevented me from ever feeling involved with the movie its story or characters. It's too slow for its own good. It's fine for a horror movie to be somewhat slower and more subtle one with its storytelling, as long as it's still giving you plenty of interesting story lines and developments. This movie gave for too little of any of that, in my opinion.

I just don't know what the 'conflict' of the movie its story was supposed to be all about. There isn't a buildup to a big, all revealing, or tense type of ending, which makes this a quite pointless and shallow movie to watch, in my experience. There isn't really a beginning, middle and end to this movie, so to speak.

And the movie is also regarded as a horror but is it really? Sure, it has some supernatural themes to it but totally no scares, any real gore, or some fun killings for instance. There is actually very little about this movie that can be considered horror-like, in my opinion. I would rather call it a drama, with some (supernatural) thriller elements to it.

It actually has a pretty interesting sounding main premise, which also was the reason for me to watch this movie but it's wasted potential, all around really. I'm pretty sure of it that I would have liked this movie far better if it completely went for a horror approach. The premise, the atmosphere, the characters, the setting, all seemed absolutely right for it!

A far from interesting or effective movie, in my opinion.


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