This movie was a real struggle. I'm not exaggerating by saying I could barely finish watching it.

The movie both annoyed and bored me with its comedy and story. It's the type of deliberate and very exaggerated comedy, so that means that basically every line that gets delivered is meant to be funny and every scene is supposed to be a set up for something comical to happen. It all feels far too forced really and besides, the movie is lacking true creativity to ever work out as anything truly funny.

it basically is too much of a one note movie, in which a women is pregnant with a demon child. There is of course plenty they could have done with this concept but the movie feels like it's going absolutely nowhere, with any of its ideas. Its story isn't ever progressing and it doesn't ever feel like it's building up toward anything. it besides just isn't a very consistent movie. The one moment the
woman is possessed and the other she isn't. The one moment other horror elements seem to play an important role in the movie, the other it isn't. story lines and characters get dropped, all fairly easily, before the movie gets the opportunity to let anything develop properly into something remotely funny or interesting.

It also really causes the movie to become a repetitive- and therefore also annoying one. This also causes the movie to drag and bore, especially once the movie starts to feature a bunch of sequences in it, that just go on and on, without really serving much of a purpose to either the movie its story or comedy. About half way through I was really fed up with the movie. It annoyed me, it bored me and I just wanted it to end!

Don't know how but I actually managed to finish watching this movie. It isn't exactly getting any better as it's going on. Even while it in no way is the worst comedy that I have ever seen, it just isn't one I ever exactly had a good time with watching.


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