Blade went back in time! Only this time he's fighting zombies in the old west, instead of vampires. All sounds great and fun so far but wait until you see the's an absolutely terrible and messy one unfortunately!

Of course people are going to compare this movie to the Blade franchise and the Wesley Snipes character to his Blade character but the movie itself doesn't seem to mind this at all. Of course it's not the same character and his look is quite different as well but yet, some of the little mannerisms and other character related aspects are all still very similar to Snipes' Blade character. It's somewhat distracting really but it hardly is the worst aspect about the movie!

First of all, the story...I'm sorry but what was this all supposed to be about? I have absolutely no idea what the 'hero' or the villains wanted in this or what its main plot line was supposed to be all about. It all feels very random and messy to watch, especially once the movie starts to feature flashbacks. The movie just can't stop using flashbacks, while the flashbacks themselves hardly seem relevant to the story and only causes things to needlessly drag. This movie seriously has some of the worst editing I have seen in a movie, in a long while!

Thing that makes the movie all the more confusing and messy to watch are its characters. I just don't know what its main characters are supposed to be all about, since the movie does a poor job developing anyone or providing you with a decent enough background story, for any its characters. The movie also truly has far too many different characters in it. It adds to the confusion and makes things even more messy and random to watch.

But the main concept of the movie still sounds like fun, so is it at least entertaining to watch? Really no. The action never is anything spectacular or exciting to watch and as a matter of fact, there hardly is any action in it at all. At least not the type of action you would expect from a movie, featuring a concept involving zombies. Let me just tell you that there hardly is anything zombie-like about this movie its zombies. Just see them as a bunch of gunslingers, who came back from the dead but look (well, most of them still do) and act like totally normal human beings.

They tried really hard to shoot this movie like a western but this really works against the movie actually! It features the sort of cinematography that involves closeups of characters just staring and long drawn out shots, that are supposed the set up the mood and tension for a certain scene but it all only works out as something very boring instead. The style is really poorly handled and it makes you wonder what kind of 'homework' the filmmakers had been doing.

This really is a poorly done movie, that isn't any fun to watch either. Instead, it's something absolutely messy and totally boring to watch, so you're better off skipping this one!


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