Is it a sequel? Is it a prequel? Is it a plane? No, it's just another, wannabe, exorcism movie, that's just plain horrible to be frank!

So a black priest and a fat priest walk into a bar...That alone already sounds far more entertaining than this actual movie is like. The movie is a terrible messy one, that besides has some poor production values too.

The editing is terrible, the sound quality is atrocious, in other words, this movie feels more like an amateur production than anything else really. But there are plenty of decent low budget and independent productions out there, that at least are pleasant and fun to watch, so that's just no excuse really!

Problem with this movie is that it never becomes a pleasant one to watch, since it feels all over the place with its story and all of its characters. It's hard to say who truly was supposed to be the main character in this and it's even harder to tell what it's story was supposed to be all about. It's basically impossible to find a main plot line in this mess of a movie. It's making many jumps between different story lines and characters, that often don't seem related at all. It adds to the confusion and really doesn't make this an all too pleasant movie to watch. It causes you to loose interest, pretty early on into the movie already.

So yes, I basically gave up on this movie after a while, when it kept on introducing new characters and doing a bunch of seemingly unrelated stuff with its story. But is there at least some good horror or gore to enjoy? No, absolutely none of that. There is no build up to any of its horror, so the movie is basically deprived of any sort of tension and mystery. And there is a lot of blood in this movie but that doesn't make it a gory one as well. Even the exorcism sequences are terribly messy and ineffective to watch. At time I couldn't even tell who got exorcised and who was conducting the exorcism.

A nearly unwatchable movie, with a terribly messy story and an extremely poor handling of all of it.


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