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Just what I needed; another found footage flick, only this time set in space. Does this make things better and more interesting to watch? Well, slightly but it remains a far from perfect movie to watch.

The movie its concept showed plenty of potential for a an intriguing and intelligent science-fiction movie, with its emphasis on the science part. However, because the movie is using a found footage approach, there is never really any room for the story to develop any sort of depth, or try to do some other well developed and intriguing things with its story. It's a very basic and straightforward one, that really isn't ever doing enough with its concept.

You would think that a found footage approach would get you more involved with the movie but it actually hardly ever works out that way. It's because the concept prevents the movie from showing any background information on its characters and it never feels like any of the characters are developing or growing, as the movie moves along. It always tries to pass itself off as something realistic but at the same time it's often doing something unrealistic, or even ridicules, which ruins the realism of the movie. This movie as well never really has a very realistic vibe to it, despite of its approach.

The look and settings of the movie are probably still the foremost reason why this remains a pretty good watch though. It's a pretty good looking movie, that remains a perfectly watchable one all throughout but I wish it just had something more to offer at times.

The movie even gets somewhat confusing after a while. Not because it has all sorts of twists or other clever writing in it but more so because it isn't really explaining everything properly. So basically toward the end they have to fix all sorts of things to their spacecraft and have to collect all sort of samples and walk the moon of Jupiter but I just never really know why, or understand what's going on exactly. Perhaps it was simply due to me loosing interest in the movie after a while, which all can be blamed on the movie itself as well.

Judging by all the talent and involved, I really do believe that the film-makers had plenty of ideas and all of the right intentions with this movie but something, somewhere done the line, went wrong, causing the eventual movie to be nothing more but a simple and shallow science-fiction flick, combined with found footage elements.


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  1. This film is not shallow. It deals with the technical details of space travel far better than has been done in the all-to-many mindless action films. Cordero pays a subtle tribute to Kubrick with the choice of music to accompany the ship's entry into low Earth orbit. There are elements to this film that come close to the unparalleled level of excellence achieved by Kubrick's in the film 2001.