Can't say I was the biggest fan of the first "Despicable Me" but it was good enough for what it was. Is this movie an improvement over the first? Not really in my opinion.

Main problem for me was its story. I just wasn't too fond of the approach the story was taking. Rather than being a fun animated movie, with a silly plot and characters, it's one that's focusing more on love and family. Perhaps it was going for a "The Incredibles" type of approach but it isn't ever really working out that well, since there never is an effective balance between its entertainment and the more serious story elements.

This also especially becomes apparent once the movie its main villain shows up. He's hardly in the movie really and almost immediately gets pushed to the background, once he's introduced into the movie. They might as well have left him out completely, since the storyline never becomes the centerpiece of the movie. It almost gets treated as an afterthought and needless to say that the villain in this movie never impresses much.

The movie desperately tries to be a real family movie, that however mostly feels catered towards very young kids. The slapstick humor is all a bit too simplistic and childish for my taste, maybe also becomes all of the jokes and comedy feel like leftovers from previously done animated movie. It isn't the most creative animated movie that I have ever seen, or at least it isn't ever really doing anything fun with its creativity.

Of course it's not a terrible movie by any means but it really doesn't add much to the still popular and growing genre. It does still bring some entertainment but not enough that should make you run out to see this movie. Maybe only if you still have some really young kids that really want to see this movie. It still does bring plenty of entertainment for the young ones, since it has plenty of bright colors, goofy and cute looking characters and lots of psychical humor in it.


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