Robots, zombies and Dolph Lundgren, what more could you ask for? Well, how about a decent script!

It's very easy and tempting to make fun of these type of movies but in all honesty, the movie isn't all that bad. There are certainly worse movies out there, involving either robots, zombies or Dolph Lundgren.

Still, it obviously is far from a great movie as well. Granted that it's pretty entertaining for what it is and if you like these kind of movies, there is no way you won't enjoy this one as well but that really isn't saying all that much about its actual quality of course.

It's a very simplistic and straightforward movie, that doesn't ever allow anything to truly develop and please don't expect any kind of depth or decent enough background information about anything from this movie. Problem with the movie its story is that it wastes an awful lot of time on a bunch of characters that just aren't all that interesting. The characters are very shallow, which makes it hard to ever really like any of them, with the exception of the Dolph Lundgren character, just because he's Dolph Lundgren.

Lundgren is still very convincing and likable as an action hero in this, though not all of his moves look as smooth as they did before in the past. But that's no surprise or shame really, considering his age. He still has at least another good 50-years in him!

The movie still had more potential in it really. It's as if someone came up with an idea for a movie (hey, let's make a movie about zombies and robots!) but they had no real idea what to do with it and how to make things entertaining, original and spectacular to watch. A real shame, since it's main concept seemed like a pretty good and promising one. The movie also starts off pretty well but soon starts to run out of steam and the movie really isn't as action packed or fun to watch as you would expect from a movie staring both zombies and robots in it, opposite each other, with a Dolph Lundgren stuck in the middle of it all. The whole middle part of the movie is actually somewhat boring, since it's mostly character driven, while neither the writing or characters are all that great really.

Not as fun or action packed as you would expect but it still is a decent enough, low budget, genre movie, all things considering.


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