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Out of all the subject you could pick for a biopic, is Anna Nicole Smith one of the best or more intriguing ones? Well, not really of course but movies in the past have shown that you can still make great movies out of the least interesting sounding persons.

Well, not this one though. It's no big surprise of course, seeing how this is a low budget, made for TV, flick that chronicles the life of Anna Nicole Smith, in just a mere 80 minutes. It means that it rushes through- and glosses over a whole bunch of stuff, especially toward its end, making it hard to ever feel involved with anyone or anything in this movie.

Thing with these made for TV biopics often is that it just shows you everything as it happened but without giving you much background information or explanations to anything. Will you learn anything about Anna Nicole Smith from watching this movie? Well, absolutely nothing about her personality really! After watching this movie, you still don't really know what drove her or why she did certain things and why she made certain decisions with her life.

It really isn't a very effective movie dramatic and emotions-wise. It doesn't take the time to setup anything or buildup any sort of emotions or understanding for its characters. Characters just pop-up out of nowhere and disappear from story again, once the movie decides its enough and has to skip to the next chapter of Anna Nicole Smith's life story.

The movie has a surprisingly impressive cast though. Martin Landau, Cary Elwes, Adam Goldberg, Virginia Madsen, they all show up in this! Not that their roles are all that impressive though and they also aren't really capable of lifting this movie to a higher level but it at least helped to keep me interest in things.

Perhaps it's also a bit of a too 'happy' movie. As if it was afraid to truly show any of the darker and more depression sides of its main subject. It also depicts Anna Nicole Smith as a 'good' and 'normal' person in my opinion. This as well certainly helps to destroy most of the movie its drama and adds to the reasons why the movie mostly feels like a very shallow one, that never digs deep into anything, as if it was afraid to get sued or offend anyone.

It seriously isn't a terrible movie though. All things considering, this one could have been a whole lot worse. But having said that, this still just isn't a very good, informative or very entertaining movie to watch. You're better off reading Anna Nicole Smith's Wikipedia page. It's probably something far more informative as well!


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