There aren't an awful lot of movies out there directed by a woman and starring mostly females in the movie its lead roles, let alone Dutch ones. So when a movie such as this one comes out, it's always interesting to see whether it works out, in terms of both originality and effectiveness.

In this particular case it doesn't work out as anything all that original or effective. It doesn't feel very original because it's often lacking some good creativity and it isn't really always all that effective since the movie itself doesn't really seem to know what it's doing at times.

Problem with the approach of the movie is that it doesn't really seem to know whether it wants to be a goofy and over-the-top type of comedy, or more of a comedy with some serious undertones to it. It attempts to feature both but it doesn't succeed at ever finding a right balance. Sure, the movie is fun enough but not always all that pleasant to watch though because of its approach, that makes the movie a jumbled- and ultimately shallow attempt.

And it not like this movie or it's concept didn't show any potential. I mean, here we have a movie about of ordinary housewives who turn into notorious, all for various different reasons. The diversity of its characters is what makes the movie pretty enjoyable and the characters also some likable ones but it just isn't ever doing enough with its concept. It too often keeps things too simplistic and lighthearted, even during all of the action scenes and moments of violence. Perhaps it was going for a too mainstream approach. This movie would have been significantly better and more interesting with a slightly darker and more edgy type of approach.

Not trying to bash the movie too hard though, since I definitely still had a good enough time with it. It's basically some harmless fun and it overall is pretty entertaining movie, despite all of its weaknesses and missed opportunities.

It also has a pretty impressive cast, with some of best actresses from The Netherlands in it. Of course Monique van de Ven gets top-billing but it truly is an assemble piece, in which each of the 4 female leads share an equal amount of screen time and back-story.

So an OK enough movie, that however still, at the same time, feels like a missed opportunity as well.


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