Yayyyyyyyy, another found footage flick!

There is only so much you can do with the found footage concept. And problem is, everything has been done already, so it's extremely hard to stand out or be somewhat original with the concept. This movie never manages, in any way, to be remotely original or surprising with anything.

My biggest problem with found footage movies is that you just know that nothing is going to happen in it, until its final few minutes, when everything gets finally revealed. Basically all that found footages movies are, are movies that keep on building up and building up, without really doing all that much or reveal anything remotely significant to the movie its 'mystery' and story, until its final minutes, or even final seconds, in some cases.

This movie also literally does nothing, for about 95% of its running time. It seems to think that it's enough to have a bunch of random people talking to each other and doing some immature stuff, while (of course) spending some time at a remote cabin in the woods. It seems to think that that's all that is needed to create suspense and buildup an interesting and engaging enough story. But the buildup in this particular case does absolutely nothing for either the movie its suspense or mystery.

So does this movie at least have a decent enough pay off? Not really. I mean, it doesn't really explain anything and ultimately also leaves far more questions than answers. It just seemed like a cheap and very random way to (finally) end the movie. Guess the most positive thing I can say about this movie is that's a fairly short one, so it actually never starts to bore or annoy you, despite never doing all that much with its story and premise.

I can't even really say that this is a horror. There simply is far too little happening in it for that. It also has no true scares or anything of that sort and even the ending and it's 'reveal' isn't really anything horror-like, without spoiling too much about it.

I can't say it's the worst found footage movie that I have ever seen but it absolutely is one of the least engaging and rewarding ones.


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