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This movie serves its purpose and it serves it well. As a zombie movie, it's bringing plenty of entertainment but it's also bringing something different and extra to the table.

No, this isn't really a movie that's going to redefine the genre but it's still good to see that film- makers are trying to do something new and different at times with the genre. After all, zombie flicks are often the same and there is only so much you can do with the concept. That's why it's good and interesting to see that the film-makers taking a different approach to the genre, without turning it into something totally different.

In its core, this still really is a generic zombie flick but what makes it different is that its treating its subject more as an epidemic movie. Instead of being a movie that's just about fighting off zombies, it's also one in which the movie its main character is studying them and is constantly- and very actively looking for the source and cure, literally all across the globe. It's more than just another survival story. It's a pretty effective cross between an entertaining- and more serious type of genre movie, that taking a 'realistic' approach to things. Not that this movie ever becomes too serious or complicated to watch. It's actually oversimplified at times but that's what makes this movie perfectly watchable for every person out there.

Above all things, the movie is still entertainment and it never forgets it. The movie basically consists out of the next big action set piece after the other, without ever starting to become repetitive or too predictable with all of its action. The movie gets pretty creative at times, making this movie also good and surprising to watch for the more hardened and seasoned zombie movie lovers out there. The fact that this movie had a pretty big budget to spend of course also contributes to this.

It's also a pretty good looking movie, with some nice special effects. It may seem pointless to use CG effects for zombies but I am glad to say it really pays off in this case. It makes them more threatening as the movie its villains/creatures and it allows the movie to do some more crazy and creative things with them, which all adds to the movie its entertainment.

I also really liked Brad Pitt in this movie. What I liked about his performance was that he was being a perfect 'action hero' but a more grounded and realistic character as well, all at the very same time. He is very likable in his role and a good protagonist for this movie, who has to basically carry the entire movie on his own. He's the only one main and consistent character in this movie. All of the other ones are in it for 30 minutes at most. That also means that this never feels like a terribly deep or well developed movie, with anything or anyone else that's in it but still at the same time, it doesn't fail at entertaining, with still having a good and engaging main story in it as well. So why should you complain? I won't anyway.

I just can't be negative about this movie really, since it brought me lots of entertainment and had plenty of creativity and quality to it, in my opinion!


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