What fun, to watch a movie muddle on for 100 minutes, without having a clear plot- or making a point about anything...yes, that was sarcasm.

Oh yes, this is some art-house trash. Artsy-fartsy alright! Seriously, this movie just has no artistic value to it. I have seen these type of movies work out before but it's almost as if this movie isn't even trying. It isn't trying to make any sense and instead loves to show you lots of random and nonsensical stuff, that in the long run don't add up to anything.

It's of course OK for a movie to not really follow a main plot line but it's not OK when a movie just isn't making a point about anything. I don't know what the movie its themes were supposed to be all about or what the symbolism and metaphors within the movie were all standing for (apparantly nothing, as the movie its director Calvin Reeder continues to say proudly). There isn't a deeper meaning behind this movie, so why watch in the first place? It has absolutely nothing to offer, so no, there is absolutely no reason why you should ever watch this.

I also wasn't too fond of the movie its look and overall directing approach. The editing is kind of annoying and gets on your nerves after a while. It just feels that the movie is simply trying to be weird, just for the sake of being weird, with all of its odd visuals and occurrences and just not in a very entertaining or engaging way at all.

The acting was also pretty terrible. Dermot Mulroney has actually starred in some pretty big and respectable movies, which makes you wonder what he is doing in this one. He also just can't turn this movie into a more interesting or entertaining one to watch and I wonder if he actually knew what he got himself involved with. Granted that his character is the only consistent thing in this movie and the one element that still keeps everything together but I don't think that this is a movie that he should be showing proudly to anyone, if he still wants to have a serious acting career.

Best thing I can say about it is that it's not being the absolutely worst or most pretentious piece of drivel I have ever seen. It didn't anger me or anything but it still was an absolutely pointless and nonsensical watch.

Don't be like me. Don't waste your time on this movie!


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