There are some horror movies that get treated a bit unfair and unnecessarily harsh and then there are some horror movies that just can't get bashed hard enough...

I'm not exaggerating when I say that this is the absolute worst movie I have seen in awhile. The movie is trying to do too much and because of that, absolutely nothing is ever working out. They should have focused on getting one style and one plot line right, rather than trying to throw in new different horror styles- and take on new and different approaches, every 10 minutes or so.

So, the movie is titled "The Millennium Bug", which would imply that it has something to do with the 2000 'computer bug', that was thought to cause chaos and destruction, the moment all computers had to switch from 1999 to 2000. And indeed, the movie also starts off as one dealing with this issue, which seems like a weird and irrelevant thing to do for a 2011, since we all know by now that absolutely nothing freaky or dangerous happened during that specific day but OK, I was still interested to see what the movie would be doing with its concept. Absolutely nothing as it turned out. It instead soon started to turn into a far less creative and generic genre flick, when the main characters start to find out that mountain men hillbillies aren't the friendliest people to hang around with.

But as if that wouldn't be enough, the movie is also trying to be monster flick. A poor looking monster flick, that is. Guess the movie thought it was being all clever and hip by doing all sorts of different horror related things but it actually makes the movie one huge- and annoying mess to watch.

Because it's trying to do so many, very different, things, the movie will have a hard time keeping your interest and it actually causes the movie to feel overlong, even though the movie is actually under 90 minutes short. It's basically a very tiresome movie to watch and it's hard to feel involved with anything or anyone in this movie because basically every 10 minutes the movie is doing something different again, often also involving different characters, as the movie its new main focus.

It's also an extremely poorly acted movie, which causes you to loose even more interest in the movie its characters. But literally just about everything is poor about this movie. Poor script, poor makeup, poor acting, poor effects, poor musical score, no tension, no decent scares. There are no good reasons for you to ever watch this movie! It also isn't the type of movie that's so bad and ridicules that it actually becomes fun and somewhat entertaining to watch. The movie is just bad and in no way a remotely watchable- or enjoyable one. Sitting through this movie was torture, so safe yourself the pain and trouble. You're way better off watching any other given, more generic, B-genre flick.

A big and painful mess to watch!


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