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This movie had a potentially good story concept but it however was a very poorly developed and told one, which makes this ultimately a disappointing movie to watch.

Main thing that kept bothering me about this movie was how flat it was. Flat with its characters, flat with its story, flat with its emotions. This movie is lacking some serious depth. And it's actually really the sort of movie that's going for a more quiet and subtle approach and therefore also required to have a certain amount of depth in it, for it to work out as something compelling and engaging to watch.

Foremost reason why this movie feels flat and why it doesn't seem to have any depth to it is because of the way how its story gets told. Or rather said, how it doesn't tell you certain things. Nothing really feels explained properly enough. After watching this movie I for instance still have absolutely no idea where the aliens come from, what they wanted, or what their big 'plan' with humanity was and why they needed to live inside of human bodies. It honestly is a movie that leaves far more questions than answers. The movie is literally filled with story elements and developments that just don't get explained that very well, or just not at all. Nothing gets really buildup, in a strong or effective enough way and it also never feels like the movie is heading toward something interesting, with its story or any of its developments.

I wasn't looking or asking for more action or a faster pace but I was asking for the movie to at least give me something. It just too often feels like the movie is going absolutely nowhere and it's filled with random moments, that seemed out of place. The romance for instance also falls incredibly flat, due to the movie its poor story handling. Nothing cute or powerful about it but pretty unconvincing and distracting instead. Besides, what a weird approach for an alien invasion movie to take. Out of all the things you could do with an alien invasion movie, focusing on a love story seems like the least likely or interesting thing to do. Or at least to me it does. I know this movie is mostly targeted toward teenage girls but nevertheless, I just can't imaging any of them will be taken by the movie its story or romance, or feel involved with any of the characters neither. There's far too little to grab onto, both story- and character-wise. I was wondering if perhaps there wasn't a deeper meaning behind all of it but if there was supposed to be any, I surely didn't catch any of it and I really tried hard though!

Also can't say I was all that impressed with Saoirse Ronan, as the movie it's main character. She has proved in the past that she's a fine actress and also perfectly capable of carrying a movie but she feels somewhat miscast in this one. I don't know, perhaps it was because her character was supposed to be mostly emotionless but she was lacking charisma and she often is acting with 'herself', which really wasn't her strongest point in this movie. The movie also doesn't really have some other solid supporting characters and actors in it, mostly because the most interesting ones get pushed far too much to the background.

A real disappointing and lackluster movie by Andrew Niccol, who normally is perfectly capable of delivering good movies, with also plenty of depth to them. Not in this case though! It's not a terrible movie by any means but a very pointless one nevertheless, that has little to nothing good- or interesting to offer.


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