A low budget, independent, zombie-flick, that's actually pretty decent. Now that's something you don't see everyday. Makes you wonder why. After all, it's fairly cheap- and seems fairly simple to do a standard, run of the mill, effective enough zombie flick. But then again, it's also hard to do something new and original with the concept of zombies and it's hard to stand out.

And despite a rather original and good approach to its concept, this movie also doesn't really stand out. It isn't really an engaging enough movie due to its story and those expecting to at least get some decent and awesome zombie action out of it, please don't bother with watching this one. It simply is a totally different kind of genre movie. It's one with a more quiet type of approach, that for most part focuses on just it's two main characters. For most part of the movie you don't even get to see any zombies. It's not a complaint or anything but I'm just preparing you on what to expect from this, non-formulaic, zombie movie attempt.

There is one major complaint I have about this movie and that is that it feels very drawn out. It feels deliberately slow and lets just say that every scene goes on for AT LEAST 10 seconds too long. Not that the movie ever becomes a truly boring one to watch but sometimes it does feel a bit pointless and needless for the movie to go on for so long as it does, with some of its scenes. It can get a bit annoying at parts, especially since it all feels very deliberate and calculated within the movie. Sometimes it still works out well though, for the movie its atmosphere, so I also can't say that I completely hated it.

It's also a bit of a problem for the movie that it isn't really following a main plot line. I know that this is the kind of thing independent movies always love to do and I also have to say that it in some ways it still works out well for this particular movie and its characters but at the same time it feels still a bit simplistic and disappointing for the movie to not really have a clear point to it. It's just about plain ordinary survival and it's not like the main characters have a big plan to safe themselves or humanity or know where they are heading at and with what exact purpose. It adds to the movie having a quite 'pointless' overall feeling to it.

I can see people either hating or loving this movie. I myself am stuck somewhere in the middle. I was able to appreciate certain things about it, the original approach and main characters for instance but other things, such as its story and style at times, still prevented me from ever truly seeing this as an successful- and all throughout effective, original, little zombie flick.


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