Oh my, Roger Christian has seen "Prometheus" as well. There is no stopping him now!

It's very easy to hate on this movie and make fun of it. After all, it's directed by the director who did "Battlefield Earth", which is generally considered to be one of the worst movie of all time (which it of course isn't) and it stars one of the uncrowned kings of straight to DVD movies, Christian Slater. But in all fairness, is this movie truly that bad? I don't think so! It's actually pretty good far what it is.

Of course this movie isn't anything too brilliant or original but common, did you really expect it to be? Positive thing I can say about it is that it actually has plenty of variety to it! Quite an accomplishment for a movie that's almost entirely set aboard a small confined space station. Its variety ensures that the movie never becomes a slow or boring one, so yes, I actually think that this movie does a pretty good job at brining entertainment.

It's basically a mishmash of different movies, all rolled up into one. It 'borrows' heavily from lots of other, better known, genre movies both story-wise and tonally. The movie especially reminded me of "Prometheus" and I just couldn't help thinking that Roger Christian had seen the movie as well and decided he wanted to do a movie just like it. But even so, as far as these type of, cheap, ripoff movies often go, this hardly is the worst one you could ever watch!

The movie is never a truly tense or engaging movie to watch but it's all still good enough to keep your interest. It also isn't as predictable as you would suspect. It still comes up with plenty of original things of its own and has a few surprises for you. It isn't always handling all of its horror elements too well but this never turns this into a horrible movie to watch as well.

Worst thing I can say about it is that it's miniature effects are pretty bad and cheap looking. Oh well, at least bad practical effects are still far better and less distracting to watch than poor CG effects.

Simply a good and entertaining enough little movie, for what it is.


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