Orcs, elves, dragons, what is there not to love about this movie? Well, plenty of course, though in all honesty, it's not half as bad as you would expect this movie to be.

Of course this is one cheap and big rip off of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and it isn't being very subtle about it either. Characters are all very similar and even their looks are all very alike. The Orcs in fact look like leftovers from the Lord of the Rings movies and use similar speaking voices. Then why is this movie still a watchable one? Well, because it's simply an entertaining watch!

This movie doesn't fails at brining you entertainment. There is plenty of variety to its story and it has lots of adventurous elements in it. People who are fond of movies set in mythical worlds, with mystical creatures and good old fashioned sword fights and magic shall have no difficultly liking this movie, though even they have to admit that this is far from the best thing the genre has to offer.

It's mostly predictable and formulaic stuff, everything that we get to see in this movie. Yet, it's some well done formulaic and predictable stuff, making this movie an effective enough one within its genre. It doesn't stand out with anything but nothing about it gets terribly bad either.

Even the movie its look is just fine. It most likely had a very low budget to spend but the movie manages to create a good look and atmosphere for its movie. Sure, lots of scenes have fake backgrounds and some exterior shots obviously got shot indoors but it never works as anything too distracting. At times it even gives the movie a surreal sort of look, which strengthens the movie its mystical atmosphere.

I do admit that the movie looks and feels more like a video game than an actual movie. But is that a bad thing? Not always, since it's actually something that at times could make you feel more involved with the movie its action and characters, as arguably is the case for this movie as well.

It's real easy to hate on this movie but in all truth and honesty, it's not a bad one and it definitely has some entertainment value in it!


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14 reacties:

  1. this movie doesn't "fails" at bringing you entertainment?
    This movie doesn't "fail" at bringing you entertainment, maybe.
    This whole review is a "fail".
    Is it that hard for people to proof read their work nowadays before they go publish crap to the world?

    1. Why proof when people like you are out there complaining?

      Go back to the Shire in close the door......

    2. Get a life dude

  2. I think the fact that you compare it to the lord of the rings shows you know nothing or care nothing about the fantasy genre. These types of movies with these same looks and stories were around way before the lord of the rings movies came out. Watch the movie and judge the movie and if you did you would see that it is a decent one for the genre it is in. Most movies in this genre are very cheaply made and you can tell by watching it this one did not bore me maybe you should stick to rating spaceship movies if you are going to compare every fantasy movie to lord of the rings just because they have orcs and elves in them.

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  4. This movie is absolutely as bad as you would expect.... you get tossed into a story and feel like you missed half the movie. The picture itself is very well done but the acting and sound is dreadful. I was not able to continue after 10 minutes,it all feels like a bunch a noobs ran out with friends and decided to make a movie, with expert cameraman.

    1. What was wrong with the sound? It was lightyears beyond what most independent films sound like. Sounded great to me.

  5. I appreciate the review. I think everyone here is being too harsh. First off I heard that it was in-fact suppossed to take place in middle-earth, so the comments about its Lord of the Rings quality is accurate, and should be.

    This Noel guy only admits to watching 10 minutes... doubt you really gave it a chance.

    Agree you could do a quick grammar check before publishing, but overall really appreciate the review. It was enough to convince me to watch, and I loved it.

  6. I'm 30 minutes in and Noel is right. I only found this page through Google because I thought I was missing something, like a TV-series that preceded it...

  7. Not bad not bad I watched it and I must say 6/10

  8. I truly do not understand why people are getting so upset about the similarities between this movie and others that would be like complaining about cheese because there is cheese in cheese. If anything I’m happy that there were orcs, elves and dwarfs in this movie because the last one I saw with any of those races in was yes you guessed it lord of the rings, which by the way if it wasn't for the action in certain parts of the movies it would have bored me to death due to the fact that the lord of the rings movies are 30 parts talking, 10 parts action and 60 parts walking. Now I only found out about this movie through IMDb and I can honestly say I am truly glad I bookmarked it in my movies to watch category yes it may be low budget and yes the storyline was if anything a little predictable but that does not matter to me, what matters is the actors acting grips you in such a way that compels you to continue watching the movie and it did for me. Furthermore people should appreciate that not many movies of this genre actually have come out in the last couple of years (lord of the rings notwithstanding) and simply for that reason alone I give this movie an 8/10. I had to stop and rewind a few times throughout this movie because there was a few brilliant parts in it. That being said the movie was funny and it was well connected and I believe it has potential for a sequel if they sort out all the small bits that could be improved, I would thoroughly recommend that you watch this movie and give it the benefit of the doubt.

  9. right.

    first , so there is a grammar error in the review, so what ?
    second , comparing to LOTR is very understandable, and I'll eat my shoe if it wasn't intentionally so.

    third , I watched the movie, thought it was utter crap.

  10. ...The Orcs in fact look like leftovers from the Lord of the Rings movies and use similar speaking voices...
    -Realy ?? And Why i think LoTR stole voices from Warcraft ??

  11. Doesn't really matter if they're a bad rip off.
    I was pretty entertained through out the whole movie, and didn't at any point feel like I was "missing a part".
    I hope they'll make a sequel, though the sequel is never as good as the first one. =.=
    8/10 from me.