This is a pretty decent mystery/thriller, that gets a bit too random towards its end but remains a watchable enough little movie all throughout.

Of course it's nothing too great and the movie is also nothing too surprising either, though it's end surely seemed a bit too random to me. The movie basically starts of as a whodunit, set in a small town, in which everyone seems to have their own little secrets and personal agendas. But instead of having a 'detective' mystery kind of tone to its story, the movie turns into something completely different instead. Something I just wasn't too fond or impressed with, mostly because, like I said before, it feels too random and out of tone with the rest of the movie.

Before that point, the movie is a pretty decent watch. If you are into these type of movies, this one is definitely worth checking out. It doesn't stand out with anything but it's also doing little wrong. It does a pretty good job at building up its mystery and setting the right tone for the movie its story, making this a pleasant to watch little genre flick.

Don't expect much from Val Kilmer though. He's barely in the movie and plays a throwaway role as the town sheriff. It's good to see him in movies again but I wish he would start picking some better and more demanding roles as well again. Oh well, at least he's cast in Terrence Malick's new movie but then again, who isn't?

It's simply a pretty decent watch but I just can't help but to still deduct some points for the movie its too random final 20 minutes or so.


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