This movie tries a bit too hard to be funny and therefore it isn't really fun or funny to watch at all. Besides, what was with its story?

Thing that bothers me about this movie its comedy is that the overall movie has a realistic sort of grounded approach to it, however at the same time with some absolutely ludicrous situations and characters in it as well. It doesn't quite gel. The only 'normal' characters in the movie are the main character but they are surrounded by some absolute fruitcakes, who all do and say some absolutely outrageous and preposterous things. Normally if you would come across persons like this in real life, you would run away fast and never return, or do your best to avoid them in the future but in this movie the main characters keep returning to them, even for some advice on some very serious issues. Totally ridicules, if you are going for a comedy with a more serious type of story-approach, like this movie was obviously going for.

And thing that bothered me about the story is that it's basically treating cheating as something cute and part of modern life and marriage. Seriously, I really don't agree on some of the messages this movie is sending out. Only thing I agree on is that it's a pretty stupid thing to marry a person, when you only know him/her for just a couple of months. Of course you are going to run into some problems along the ride and of course you are going to have your in-differences and annoyances with each other. But that's not just part of marriage but of love in general. Once you are able to get through that period, than things are most likely going to get better for the two of you and you're indeed ready for a serious relationship and in the long run a serious and big commitment, such as marriage.

But enough from Dr. Love, the thing that annoys me about this movie its story is that it not only shows that it's OK and normal to feel for another person outside of your marriage but it tells you that it's OK to act upon it as well. I just don't know who I was supposed to feel and cheer for and what characters I wanted to see end up together, by the end of the movie. Without spoiling anything, lets just say that by the end of the movie I wasn't cheering for any of the couples. Nothing romantic about this movie its story really and it didn't work out for me at all. The developments didn't always feel right to me and I most certainly wouldn't recommend this movie to newlyweds!

Sure, you could say that the movie is going for a more realistic, honest and different type of approach to its subject but I just can't give the movie any credit for it, since it really doesn't work out all that engaging or funny to watch.

Yet, I also just can't hate this movie. I mean, it's just an insignificant little comedy, that I wasn't ever taking serious at all. And how could you, after seeing some of the absolutely silly things that this movie is doing. It's also not without its charm. Despite the fact that it handles its concept poorly, it's still a pleasant movie to watch, in terms of its style and tone. It's all due to the fact this is a very British movie, despite that it also has some American actors and characters in it.

It's a bad movie but not an entirely horrid one to watch as well.


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