>>>Watch HEINEKEN TOM, legendary traveler<<<

With this short, director/writer Serge Fronckevic delivers a smart and fun to watch film, with plenty of creativity and originality in it.

It's perhaps not the most groundbreaking or best short that you are ever likely to come across but it serves its purpose and it serves it well. Making a short- and trying to tell a story, within a matter of mere minutes, really isn't an easy thing to do. Thing this film managed to do well was telling a story, that was both intriguing and tense to follow, in a mystery/thriller kind of way. You don't really know what's going on, who all these people are and what they are up to, until the last few seconds of the film, when everything is revealed.

This short does a good job at holding your interest, mainly because of the way how its story is structured. Everything is slowly laid out and revealed, (without having a slow pace to it by the way) which ensures that you are always enthralled with it and want to find out what's going to happen next. It besides also makes the characters really interesting ones, despite the fact that you know absolutely nothing about them. The mystery of it all causes you to feel drawn to its characters and make you want to find out more about them.

And even though you could describe this movie as a mystery/thriller/crime/drama, it doesn't mean it's a too heavy or serious one to watch as well. I actually found the style of the short to be a pretty light one, which worked out pleasantly.

It besides is a pretty good looking movie, with some nice camera-work, settings and just overall style. It's not as smooth looking all as a bigger and more 'professional' production of course but as far as these type of shorts go, it's simply good looking all. It's obvious that some serious time and effort went into making it.

The acting is pretty decent as well, though it seemed to me that the actors were more concerned about getting their lines right, rather than the emotions. It's OK, I mean it's nothing too distracting or something that brings this film down but it's just one of those things that still prevents this short from truly standing out as a genuinely great one, or an absolute must-see.

Overall, this is a pretty good short, that's well worth your time! After all, it's only 8 minutes 'long', so why shouldn't you give it a go?


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